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21st mah jongg v 3


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screenshot of mah jongg solitaire
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Below is a sample from each tile set. Click
on tile to see more.

Cats, see screenshot above Christmas
Teddy Bears

Wild Animals


Cats Mah Jong

The graphics are wonderful and creative. You use a cat door to exist the program and a cat classical tile set for playing Mah Jongg. Along with the cats we have included 9 additional charming tile sets for your enjoyment (see above).

Cats Mah Jong V3 includes solitaire which is a variation of the classic Chinese mah jongg puzzle game for solitaire play. At the start of each game, the tiles are randomly stacked in a layout. A player clicks on two matching tiles, which are then removed from the board. The goal is to remove all the tiles from the board. With most of the tiles hidden or trapped under another tile at the beginning of the game, winning the game is a challenge.

New for Cats Mah Jong is multiplayer game of Mah Jongg (not solitaire). In the multiplayer game you play against 3 computer opponents. Based on your abilities you set the skill level of each computer opponent at easy, medium or difficult


  • Rotate tiles in solitaire game
  • 3d mah jong tiles allows you to: enlarge or reduce the size of the board, tile board, move board right, left, up or down.
  • 11 new charming tile sets (see above): cat theme classical tile set plus 10 adorable graphic tile sets: cats, Christmas, children, farm, Halloween, penguins, spring, teddy bears, toys and wild animals.
  • Edit layouts or create new layouts: You can create your own layouts, or make existing layouts harder or easier.
  • Play Mah Jongg against 3 computer opponents (not solitaire).
  • Solitaire rules: use traditional rule to play or the easier border rule.
  • Delightful matching sound files for each tile set
  • Customize away.
    • Solitaire: As your skills improve increase the difficulty setting from easy, to medium and finally to difficult.
    • Multiplayer (not solitaire): Customize your game: set the opening number of points, make losers pay winner, make losers pay losers, include season tiles, plus many more.
  • 150+ layouts, includes layouts from V1 & V2 plus elephant, trains, butterfly, bull and more. Layouts for all skill levels are included.
    • We have also included a rating of the difficulty of each layout. Each layout is rated 1-5 cats, with one cat being easy and five cats being difficult.
  • Customize viewing:
    • Textures and shadows: change direction, depth, color, and textures.
    • Backgrounds: change backgrounds or select none
    • Tile remove sound: change sounds
  • Fun play for ages 6 to adults
  • Allows undo, hints, and pause
  • Zoom feature: click a tile with the right button once to zoom and again to zoom more, left click removes zooming
  • Demonstration for players to learn how to play.
  • Tiles are randomly shuffled for each new game
  • All games are solvable games.
  • Save 10 scores in the hall of fame.
  • Option to disable score feature
  • Save game for later play
  • Excellent detailed help for solitaire and multiplayer
  • If you have V1 or V2, yes your old tiles will work in 21st Mah Jong


System Requirements
Windows®: 95/98/NT/2000/Me/XP
Minimum RAM: 2d: 32 MB RAM
3d: 64 MB RAM

Minimum Direct X
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2d: DirectX: 3
3d: DirectX: 6.1
Minimum Processor Speed

2d:Pentium® II or AMD 233 MHz
3d:Pentium® II or AMD 400 MHz

Hard disk space 13  MB
Download file 12  MB
3D acceleration video card- required for 3d version only. How to find if you have a 3D video card? If you click on start button, select programs, select accessories, system tools, system information, click on tools, select Directx diagnostic, click display tab. If direct3d acceleration enabled you have a 3D acceleration video card. DO NOT MAKE ANY CHANGES IN THIS WINDOW OR YOU COULD CAUSE PROBLEMS WITH YOUR COMPUTER.

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