1863: Gettysburg, Civil War Game

Recreate this famous battle with 1863: Gettysburg.

Gettysburg simulator, civil game
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The battle of Gettysburg was a turning point of the American Civil War. On the morning of July 1, 1863 the battle began. After four days of bloody fighting the Confederates northern invasion was stopped.

 It’s July 1 again and you are in command of the Union or Confederate army. How good are you at commanding troops? Can you change the history of this war?

1863: Gettysburg features:

  • Command the Union or Confederate army or both.
  • Control cannons and troops: Infantry, Artillery and Cavalry.
  • Aim and control weapons for maximum effect
  • Move troop by individual, brigade, division, whole corps or commander.
  • Field notes provide numbers dead, warning and historical facts.
  • Review troop statistics: dead, wounded, ammo and morale
  • Two battle maps: terrain map shows hills, creeks, forests, and roads or historical war map
  • Set game to historical and watch a replay of the historical battle
  • Change the speed the war unfolds
  • Manage your troops in multiple areas
  • Set yours troops order: hold position, fire when fired upon, wait for your ok, seek enemy at close or long range. Or issue disengagement order.
  • Order troops to dig in (entrenchment)
  • Combat sounds

System Requirements


95 or 98

Minimum RAM:

16 MB

For sound features:

Sound card

Minimum CPU:

Pentium 90 MHz, P/90

Minimum Monitor requirement:

256 color

Hard disk space

9  MB

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Use a new strategy and change the Battle of Gettysburg with this civil war simulation. Download full version now.