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21st Jigsaw Puzzle -Johnston

butterfly jigsaw puzzles

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98/NT/2000/Me/XP buy 21st Jigsaw Puzzle + Sea Flower Jigsaw Puzzle

$11.99+FREE shipping*

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Just $11.99
Includes jigsaw puzzle version 4

Because of new German rules we do not sell our game software into Germany.

*December 31, 2009shipping charge increases to $5.95

johnston nature jigsaw puzzles

Click here to download demo and product overview see bottom of page.

Click here for larger screenshot


Expand your puzzle collection with this gallery of photographs by David Johnston, an artist with a passion for his work. Within these 25 pictures you will examine a flower with a hungry bee, travel a field with a butterfly, or view buildings in France

David selected these 25 exceptional photographs from his gallery especially for this picture puzzle title. His collection of nature scenery, flowers and rivers will seduce you for hours of jigsaw puzzle enjoyment.

21st Jigsaw Puzzle -Johnston features:

  • Includes 25 jigsaw puzzles
  • Change piece shape: Play with tradional jigsaw puzzle pieces or select 7 other piece shapes
  • Play with traditional jigsaw puzzle rules or slider jigsaw puzzle rules. In slider jigsaw puzzle all the pieces are square and when you move a piece it switches places with the piece occuping the current space. Moving a piece is the same as switching place.
  • Customize your puzzle to fit your mood. Cut an easy puzzle into a few pieces (4) or a difficult puzzle into many pieces (up to 4,000) or change the oddness of the piece(scale 1-10).
  • Customize the piece size to your personal preference. Make the pieces any size from large to tiny using the size feature.
  • Share the joys of jigsaw puzzles with someone. Give a special picture to someone as a jigsaw puzzle.
  • Increase your work area. Open multiple tables, click on a pieces then drag the piece into the table and assemble. This is a great way to free up space when working on pattern or pieces of a specific color.
  • Do you have a special picture that would be great as a jigsaw puzzle? Save your picture as any of the following (BMP,JPG,PNG) then open the image in the program to create your jigsaw puzzle.
  • Heavy jigsaw puzzle users will enjoy increasing the difficulty of a puzzle by randomly rotating pieces. Pieces can be easily returned back to their to up right position.
  • Background music and play sounds are included for your jigsaw puzzle playing enjoyment. You can also expand the background music files by pointing the program to your MP3 music files on your hard drive.
  • Can't find two pieces that fit. Go to hints and the program will highlight two pieces that fit together for you or select auto solve and watch an automatic assembly of the puzzle.
  • If you like to start with the edge pieces and then assemble pieces by color, click on sort pieces by shape or color. Change your mind and don't want any help? Click on disarrange pieces.
  • Like to check your puzzle speed. Set the clock to count your completion time for a puzzle. Or check to see if you can complete a puzzle in specific amount of time just set the timer and the program will signal you when your time is up.
  • Save setup time, quickly store and open uncompleted puzzles. No more aggravation from lost puzzle pieces.
System Requirements
Windows:95/ 98/2000/Me/NT/XP
Minimum RAM:32 MB
For sound feature option:Sound card
Minimum CPU:Pentium 233 MHz
Minimum Monitor requirementHigh color (16bit) 800 x 600
Hard disk space20  MB

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Johnston jigsaw puzzles pictures (photographs) nature scenery of flowers, waterfalls, buildings, gardens and rivers