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21st Jigsaw Puzzle
Ages 4 (with help) to 100 (see bottom of page for more information)

Jigsaw puzzle software: cut puzzles from 4-4,000 pieces, easily resize image, extra boxes to work with pieces, send jigsaw puzzle to friend. Click here for tutorial. All titles include 21st Jigsaw Puzzle software.


Famous Pet Portraits jigsaw puzzles. Includes 50 extraordinary pet portrait for $17.95 click here 21st Jigsaw Puzzle - Penguins, Seals, & Puffin $11.99
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fractal jigsaw puzzle by Kelly 21st Jigsaw Puzzle - Kelley Fractals 2 $11.99
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africian wildlife jigsaw puzzles 21st Jigsaw Puzzle - African Wildlife $11.99 click here to buy
waterfall jigsaw puzzles
21st Jigsaw Puzzle - Waterfalls $11.99
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Polar Bear Mom with Cubs jigsaw puzzle 21st Jigsaw Puzzle - Polar Bears, Penguins & Cats $11.99 click here to buy
labrador retriever jigsaw puzzle 21st Jigsaw Puzzle - Dogs $11.99
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fractal by Mitchell 21st Jigsaw Puzzle - Mitchell Fractals $11.99
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mt rainier jigsaw puzzle 21st Jigsaw Puzzle -
Mount Rainier $11.99
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johnston jigsaw puzzle 21st Jigsaw Puzzles - Johnston $11.99 click here to buy
north american birds 21st Jigsaw Puzzle - North American Birds $11.99
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lev jigsaw puzzles 21st Jigsaw Puzzles - Lev $11.99 click here to buy
sea flowers jigsaw puzzles 21st Jigsaw Puzzles -
Sea Flowers $11.99
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sea animal jigsaw puzzle 21st Jigsaw Puzzles - Sea Animals $11.99 click here to buy


Demo available Jigsaw Puzzle Tutorial click here
Jigsaw Puzzle hints click here
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A child at the age of 6 or 7 normally have enough fine computer skills to put puzzle together on a computer. If you think your child's computer skills are adequate at a younger age (with parent guidance) try cutting an easy puzzle (cartoon puzzles) into no more than 20 pieces.

Clara Reaume, at 21st Software Corp., is the 4th generation in her family to play jigsaw puzzles. Click on help and e-mail us your family's jigsaw puzzle history

Researchers from Pennsylvania State University found that many older people could help prevent significant lose of mental function with age, by reading, taking courses, even doing word puzzles or jigsaw puzzles (Endeavors, January 1997).

21st Century Games wants to be your source for jigsaw puzzles.