Overview of 21st Century Solitaire

Click on* help on tool bar, then go to content for more program information, see image on the right.

The game's first layout is solitaire hand, see image on the right.

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Turn over card
To turn over card just click on* the card

Move a card
To move a card click the card you want to move, hold the mouse button down and drag* the card to new location

Moving a row of cards
To move a row of cards click on the top card (5 of heart), hold then drag row to new location.

Only kings can moved into empty position in lower rows.

Only aces can be moved into one of top 4 empty rows

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To change the number of cards dealt, click on options in the tool bar, go to solitaire, the variations windows will open, click on the circle to change, then click on ok button.See image on right.

Change solitaire version click on game then go to the version you want to play.

For information on each solitaire version click here

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wpe9.jpg (5169 bytes)

Redeal deck click on circle. See image on right.

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*Click on
Using your mouse move the cursor on the computer screen to where you need to click. Then press your mouse button.

Click, hold and drag*. Repeat above except keep your mouse button pressed while you move the cursor on your computer screen

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